Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

Most Common Questions


What services do we offer?

We have range of services including sports exchange, sportsbook, financial markets (cryptocurrency, forex, stocks), slot, casino, and other games.

Which currency base are available?

We offer almost every fiat currency in the world. As of now we don't offer base on cryptocurrency though you can deposit any cryptocurrency which will be converted equivalent to your fiat base. All conversion rate are determined by last 24 hours exchange rate provided by various central banks.

How do we ensure fair play?

We highly believe in fair play therefore we ensure that your bets are highly secured and get protection from potential fraud. We check each of the bets during settlement and compare it with the average odds during the time of placement. Any unusual odds or inflated/deflated odds will invite cancellation of tickets on both lay and back(in exchange) and sportsbook and other allied markets. In such circumstances, stake amount will be refunded to both the parties.

Where to contact for immediate Help?

You can either send message from messaging tab in dashboard page or email us from contact us page

You can also post related query in forum where many fellow punters may already have answers to your question.

Account Opening

Who can join cricmarkets?

Anyone from any country around the world can open account. But please note that cricmarkets is not responsible for any consequences if you are joining from country where gambling may be prohibited. So, you will join at your own risk and discretion. You can read our terms for more information.

How to open new account?

Opening account with cricmarkets is very easy and takes less than 1 minute. Just go to registration page here and complete the registration form. After registration, you might need to activate your account by click on the activation link sent to your registered email address.

Do I need to upload documents for verification?

You don't need to provide documents as long as you follow all our legal terms including estimated limit on deposits, losses, wins that we internally assess. Right now there is no such fixed limits are set but we, as a service providers may assess internally from time to time. If you make large deposits or lose/win large sum, you might need to upload ID proof to avoid potential fraud. Nothing to worry about, though.


How do I load money in to my account to start placing bets?

You can deposit balance by clicking on the deposit button (found on clicking user icon on top right) or bank->deposit. Depending on the nature of your deposit i.e whether through broker, or cashback voucher or direct bank transfer, you should get credited within 3 hours. You may contact support if you didn't receive after the given time frame is passed.

What are the deposit methods available?

Literally, every methods you would like including cash(if exchange brokers are near to you). For namely credit/debit cards/internet banking/digital wallet through our cashback voucher (where you will also get chosen software for absolutely free), PayPal(need declaration), skrill/neteller, bank wire, local transfer, bitcoins/cryptocurrency. For other options, you may contact our support to arrange deposit for you.

How long does it takes to get credit in betting account after successful transfer?

Cashback vouchers can be redeemed immediately. Cryptocurrency are instant as well. Others like PayPal, skrill/neteller/bank wire/broker transfer can take anywhere between 30 minutes to maximum of 3 hours.

How long does it takes to get credit in betting account after successful transfer?

Cashback vouchers can be redeemed immediately. Cryptocurrency are instant as well. Others like PayPal, skrill/neteller/bank wire/broker transfer can take anywhere between 30 minutes to maximum of 3 hours.

How safe is local payments to brokers in my country?

It's 100% safe as exchange brokers are our 1st tier associates. But please do not send more money than what is seen in "transfer limit' for that broker within local payments tab. Once transfer is done, you should ask the broker to transfer the balance to your account. You are 100% insured even if broker doesn't pay up in 3 hours. In such circumstances, company will directed credit to your account.

What is int. payments/international payments?

It's a payment method represented by our own agents. They are directly linked to company so your payments are 100% secured/insured. Contact the particular agent for transfer such as paypal,skrill, neteller among others. Credit time 10 mins to 30 mins.

What is cashback voucher?

One of the most amazing feature to top up your account balance, and it's one of our top payment method used by majority of our customers.

When you chose cashback voucher method of payments, not just the equivalent real credit balance you will receive in your betting account but also get free software with no additional fee. Cash back store is ran by our affiliate, so your deposit is 100% secured/insured. They are 100% withdrawal able and is not promo/bonus payments. It's an actual deposit using indirect way to deposit. You can deposit using your debit/credit/internet banking. All your bank statement will be displayed as purchase of software NOT payments for betting/games. This way you can legally deposit without having to worry about local regulations. Remember, you will get real software along with it, so it's a huge plus point to chose this payment methods.

To fund through cashback voucher, go to deposit->redeem cashback.. From there you will get links of our affiliate ecommerce website. Go there login/register and purchase any software of equivalent value you want to deposit. Once purchase is complete, you will receive voucher code: Just copy that voucher code and redeem from the dashboard. It takes less than 1 minute to deposit.


All the withdrawals are done the same way you funded except payments though cashback voucher. For cashback vouchers, you can choose any available payment methods for withdrawals. Before withdrawals make sure you set your withdrawal account details in "settings/profile" tab under withdrawal details. All withdrawal requests are processed within 48 hours.


How to join as affiliate/agent?

Anyone can join affiliate/agent after registration and at least made deposit once. You will find affiliate joining link in dashboard once you logged in to your account. You can access your affiliate link immediately after joining.

How much can I earn from affiliate/agent?

There is no limits to earning from our affiliate program. Your earnings will depends on the number of players you can refer through your affiliate link.. Once you join affiliate, you will get affiliate link  from agent dashboard which link you can share with anyone or all over social media. The more affiliate you get under you, the more money you will make. we have 30 days policy for affiliate link cookie i.e anyone clicking on your affiliate link if they register within 30 days, he/she will be your affiliate and you will earn commission every time they place bet. Commission percentage range from 20%-30% on their bet outcome. Actual commission % are given in your agent/affiliate dashboard. There is no restrictions on the links you share. You can share all over social media including your personal website.

Super Agents/Brokers

How to join super agent/exchange brokers?

You will see joining button once you logged in to your account. Super agents are very specific and we accept only 5 super agents from one country. Super agent can accept money from players within his country and transfer balance to player. Super agent can earn commission for each transfer they make to players. The commission rate of earnings are given in super agent dashboard. Super agent can also recruit as many affiliates or agents as they want to. You will earn commission on all the affiliates down line and numerous other benefits. Super agents are real money making opportunity without much effort. You will earn money even in withdrawals of players within your country. 

You can request for joining super agent and depending on your profile and availability of seat within your country we will decide approval. We cannot guarantee that your request to join super agent will be accepted. But everyone can request as long as fulfils our basic requirements.

Please note that you will need to have ability to transfer funds or withdraw funds for players within your country. You will earn commission for it. If you have no such tendency then we advise you not to send any request. For more info. read super agent page.